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Rugged and Basic 2 M with Powerful Audio!

750 mW loud audio

The IC-V80/E uses the BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. The 36 mm large speaker delivers 750 mW of loud and intelligible audio*. Great for noisy environments.
* Typical value using with internal speaker.

Powerful 5.5 W of output power

The IC-V80/E offers a just-right mix of power and size. 5.5 watts of high power will work to get your message through. Get up to 19 hours* of operating time with the Li-ion battery pack (BP-265) or 13 hours with the Ni-MH (BP-264). All that power comes is an easy to hold and use size - not too big, not too small.
* Typical operation. 5:5:90 duty cycle with power save on.

IP54 and MIL-STD-810 rugged construction

The dust protection and water-resistance equivalent to IP54 provides reliable operation for practical outdoor operation. The IC-V80/E tested to and passed 11 categories of MIL-STD-810 environmental tests.

A total of 207 memory channels

The IC-V80/E has a total of 207 memory channels, including 200 regular channels, 6 scan edges and 1 call channel. The channel name is programmable with 5 characters for easy recognition.


The CTCSS and DTCS tone codes provide quiet stand-by and allow you to use tone-access repeaters. The pocket beep alerts you when a matching tone frequency is received. The tone scan detects the subaudible tone that is used for repeater access.

Internal VOX function

The IC-V80/E has internal VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) function for convenient handsfree operation with a compatible optional headset and plug adapter cable. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

Other features

  • WX channel and weather alert function (USA version only)
  • Program, memory, skip, priority and tone scans
  • Power save function
  • BNC type antenna connector
  • Automatic repeater function (USA version only)
  • 1750Hz tone for European repeater access (IC-V80E only)
  • TOT (time out timer) setting
  • Repeater lockout and busy channel lockout
  • PC programmable with optional CS-V80
  • Transceiver-to-transceiver cloning (Optional)
  • Direct keypad frequency entry
  • DTMF autodial memories
  • Auto power off
  • LCD backlight
  • Wide/narrow channel spacing


Frequency coverage

IC-V80 (U.S.A.)

Tx: 144 - 148 MHz

Rx: 136 – 174 MHz

IC-V80E (Europe)

Tx・Rx: 144 - 146 MHz

Current drain
TX High 1.4 A (typ.)
RX Max. audio/Stand-by

310 mA with Internal speaker (typ.)

180 mA with External 8 Ω speaker (typ.)

65 mA (typ.) during stand-by

20 mA (typ. 9 during Power save

Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)

52.2×111.8×22.3 mm (with BP-264)


140 g; 4.9 oz (without Battery pack)


Output power (at 7.5V)

5.5/2.5/0.5 W

Max. frequency deviation

±5.0 kHz/±2.5 kHz (Wide/Narrow)

Spurious emissions

Less than -60B

Ext. microphone connector

3-conductor 2.5(d) mm (1/10″)/2.2 kΩ



0.14 μV typ. (at 12 dB SINAD)

Squelch sensitivity

0.1 μV typ. (at threshold)


70 dB/50 dB typ. (Wide/Narrow)


70 dB/65 dB typ. (Wide/Narrow)

Spurious and image rejection

75 dB (typ.)

Audio output power Internal SP

750 mA typ. (16 Ω load)

External SP

450 mW typ. (8 Ω load)

External speaker connector

3-conductor 3.5(d)mm (1/8″)/8 Ω

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard MIL-810 G
Method, Proc.
Low Pressure Storage

500.5 I

Low Pressure Operation

500.5 II

High Temperature Storage

501.5 I

High Temperature Operation

501.5 II

Low Temperature Storage

502.5 I

Low Temperature Operation

502.5 II

Temperature Shock

503.5 I-C

Solar Radiation

505.5 I

Rain Blowing

506.5 I

Rain Drip

506.5 III

Humidity Induced

507.5 II

Salt Fog


Dust Blowing

510.5 I


512.5 I


514.6 I

Shock Functional

516.6 I

Shock Transit Drop

516.6 IV

Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810 -C, -D, -E and -F.

Applicable IP Rating

Ingress Protection Standards
Dust & Water

IP67 (Dust-tight and waterproof protection)

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories

  • Battery pack*
  • Antenna*
  • Belt clip*
  • Battery charger*
  • AC adapter*

* Not supplied, or the shape is different, depending on the version. 

Catalogs / Brochures

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IC-V80/IC-V80E(Amateur) 363KB

Instruction Manual / Guides

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Instruction Manual IC-V80/IC-V80E/IC-U80/IC-U80E