Green Procurement

Last Update : April 12, 2018

Green procurement

Icom Inc. has a deep recognition that “global environmental conservation” is a major issue for mankind around the world, and will continue to be so in the future. Therefore, we have promoted environmentally-sensitive activities in every phase of our business. For example, we have been working on procurement of green (environmentally-friendly) parts and materials.

Green procurement standard

To promote green procurement activities, we have prepared an “Icom Green Procurement Standard” which shows substances to be managed that may be contained in parts and materials we receive; which also shows requirements to be met by the suppliers. Note that we perform procurement activities based on this standard.
The “Icom Green Procurement Standard” was first issued in 2005 and repeatedly modified or revised in response to developments and changes in regulations, industrial standards, and social needs.
As such a green procurement industry standard was recently taken over by the international standard IEC62474, the relevant industry association (JGPSSI) was dissolved and Joint Industry Guide (JIG), on which this standard was based on, was abolished.
And, in line with such a movement, we changed our survey response tools for this standard to the ones issued by the international standard's domestic verification team (DomesticVT62474) and, in March 2015, we issued our new “Icom Green Procurement Standard – 5th Version”.

We hope that our suppliers will understand this standard and work to help us in these endeavors.

  English version Japanese version
Icom Green Procurement Standard 5th Version PDF (271KB) PDF (755KB)
Appendix 1A:  List of Substances to be Managed (for parts) PDF (151KB) PDF (219KB)
Appendix 1B:  List of Substances to be Managed (for packaging) PDF (135KB) PDF (158KB)
Appendix 2:  Application Exemption List PDF (85KB) PDF (559KB)

Survey on chemical substance content

For reporting survey on chemical substance content, use the following formats and tools.

  English version Japanese version
Declaration of Non-use of Environmentally Hazardous Substances For parts XLS (45KB) XLS (46KB)
For packaging XLS (47KB) XLS (46KB)
Survey Report on Chemical Substance Content For parts XLS (2.3MB) XLS (2.2MB)
For packaging XLS (92KB) XLS (225KB)

When introducing your new items, please make sure to provide us with your reports based on the above-mentioned formats and tools for a “Survey on Chemical Substance Content”.

As for the tools to be used for your survey reports on chemical substance content, the following versions are compatible with the “Icom Green Procurement Standard – 5th Version”.

For parts: Survey response tools Ver. 4.31

For packaging: Quick Questionnaire Ver. 1.1

Instruction manuals, etc. of the tools for parts are available from the website of the domestic VT62474.
Domestic VT62474 URL :

If you need instruction manuals, etc. of the tools for packaging materials, please contact our Administration Section, Material Department.