1954 April Tokuzo Inoue founded Inoue Electric Seisakusho in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
1964 July Inoue Electric Seisakusho Co., Ltd. established with Tokuzo Inoue as President.
1976 December Icom (Europe) GmbH, established in Dusseldorf, Germany.
1978 June Name changed to Icom Incorporated.
1979 September Icom America Inc. established in Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A.
1982 October Icom (Australia) Pty., Ltd. established in Melbourne, Australia.
1986 September Hirano Plant completed.
1987 April Tokyo R&D Center established.
1988 April Wakayama Icom Inc. established in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
1990 December Stock was listed on Osaka Securities Exchange.
1991 December Material Center completed.
1994 November Narayama R&D Office completed.
1997 April Icom Spain S.L. established in Barcelona, Spain.
1998 February Asia Icom Inc. established in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
September Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
1999 February Icom Information Products Inc. established in Osaka, Japan.
2001 January Stock was listed on Tokyo Securities Exchange.
March Stock was listed on the 1st Section of Tokyo & Osaka Securities Exchanges.
2003 June Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
2006 June Tokuzo Inoue assumed the position of Chairman
Tsutomu Fukui assumed the position of President
2009 April Kinokawa Plant of Wakayama Icom Inc. established in Wakayama, Japan.
2010 September Acquired ISO 27001 certification. (JIPDEC)
2012 May Icom Brazil established in Brazil.
2014 June Wakayama Icom Inc. acquired ISO 27001 certification. (JIPDEC)
July Purecom Co.,Ltd. established in Shenzhen, China.
2017 August Masataka Harima assumed the position of President