Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

“ To Secure a Quality Level Trusted by Our Customers ”

Icom Inc. will establish and continually improve our production system to produce safe and high quality products with the complete understanding of the significance of the requirements and the importance of compliance under ISO9001, and the above Quality Policy. We will also establish the quality target, and progress towards its achievement shall be continually checked.
In each division, the achievement of our target shall be done with a combination of increased work efficiency and in a clean and tidy environment to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. The Quality Policy shall be reviewed by the Management continually.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Icom Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) fully recognizes that ”global environmental conservation” is a future important issue common to human beings, and promotes activities conscious of environmental conservation in every stage of its business activity.

Key Principles

  1. Our company builds an environmental management system in order to continuously improve the environmental impact of its business activities, products and services, and prevent contamination.
  2. Our company determines environmental purposes and goals in the environmental management system, and continuously implements the system according to the plan through regular reviews.
  3. Our company attempts to save energy and material and reduce wastes in its business activities, products and services.
  4. The business activities, products and services of our company comply with the environment-related laws and regulations, etc.
  5. Our company makes this environmental policy known to its all employees or those working for our company in order to implement and maintain this environmental policy.  Our company makes education and enlightenment to improve consciousness of environment and address the environmental conservation.
  6. Our company discloses this environmental policy both internally and externally.