Privacy Policy

Icom Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Icom”) may ask you to register your information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, call sign (this information is collectively called "personal information"). Icom recognizes and treats the protection of any and all personal information as a top priority and extremely important.

Based on this recognition, this Privacy Policy supplements our Personal Information Protection Policy and informs our customers/visitors about our company's handling of personal information.

1. Collection and Handling

In order to provide better service to customers, Icom may collect privacy information and personal information to the extent necessary for you to download website content and/or application programs, receive our e-mail distribution service, mail order etc. When collecting such information, Icom will limit its purpose to that only required in our general business operation.

The scope of privacy information and personal information to be collected shall not exceed the limit necessary to achieve the purpose of collection. In addition, Icom will make any collection by lawful and open means.

  • When you register as a customer/user, send email or register on an Icom website, we will require the input of your name, age, address, call sign, e-mail address, purchased product name, and any other relevant information.
  • In the provision of customer satisfaction, Icom may inform you of information related to our products and services by e-mail or mailing etc. If you wish to suspend the receipt of e-mails from Icom, we will take measures to stop delivery promptly after notification of such a request.
  • Icom will properly manage privacy information and personal information, and Icom will endeavor to prevent any information leaks. In addition, Icom will endeavor to protect customers' personal information by implementing appropriate and reasonable level of security measures against unauthorized access or danger of loss, destruction, falsification etc. of information.
  • For access to databases etc. related to privacy information and personal information, Icom strictly limits access to only those employees who have access rights and strictly manage all access to information so that it will not be illegally used, even within the company.
  • Privacy information and personal information can only be used by Icom, and when disclosing statistical results processed into a form that cannot be specified by an individual, except in cases where it is based on laws or where regulations permit. Icom will never transfer such information to third person/party, unless express permission is obtained.

Icom uses “Google Analytics” to understand the usage situation of the homepage on this site. Icom also use “cookies” provided by Google Analytics, but we do not collect any information to identify individuals through Google Analytics.

The data collected through your use of Google Analytics is managed based on “Google's Privacy Policy”. Please refer to the Google Analytics website for Google Analytics terms of use and privacy policy.

Google term of use Analytics service
Google terms and policy

Please be aware that Icom is not responsible for damage caused by using Google Analytics services.

2. Respect of Rights

Icom will respect individual rights regarding privacy information and personal information, and Icom will respond promptly and in accordance with laws and regulations and internal regulations of our company if a customer's personal information is erroneous or changed. Also, if there is a request for disclosure of your personal information, Icom will respond promptly and according to laws and regulations and internal regulations of our company only if we can confirm that you are the identical person.

3. Proper Management

Icom conducts strict security measures to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, destruction, leaks, loss, etc. by implementing appropriate security measures for collected privacy information and personal information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Other Norms

Icom complies with the laws concerning privacy information and personal information, the guidelines established by administrative organizations, trade associations, etc., and we strictly observe the matters specified in our "Compliance Regulations".

5. Education ยท Communication

Icom will conduct education related to privacy information and personal information protection, in-house public relations activities, etc. to make employees aware of and improve their awareness of such.

6. Continuous Improvement

Icom will respond appropriately to changes in the circumstances surrounding privacy information and personal information and regularly review the matters specified in our internal regulations and make all reasonable efforts to continuously improve.

7. Contact information

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