Next Generation UHF CB !

5W Output Power

5 Watts (High) and 1 Watt (Low) Selectable Output Power.

80+ Channels

80 CB Channels plus up to 35 Receive only Channels.

Active Noise Cancel Microphone

This feature allows clear communication by reducing the surrounding noise, especially the low frequency noise received by the microphone.

Voice Recorder

Can record up to 10 of the latest messages with a total recording time of 5 minutes (30 seconds per message).

Built-in Speaker

Speaker built into the microphone.

12-24 V

Built in DC to DC converter providing 12 and 24 Volt automatic switching.

Other Features

  • Voice Guidance which announces channel type and number
  • Small and compact for installation
  • Main unit can be mounted out of sight
  • ew design, compact control speaker microphone with newly designed user interface and menu structure



Frequency coverage

476.4250 - 477.4125 MHz (CB)

450.0000 - 520.0000 MHz (EX only)

Number of channels

128 Ch

Type of emission


Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Operating temperature range - 10℃ to +60℃
Power supply voltage 13.8 V or 27.6 V DC nominal (Negative ground)
Current drain with HM-212
27.6 V DC Tx 5W

1300 mA

Rx max audio 1000 mA
Rx stab\nd-by 300 mA
13.8 V DC Tx 5 W

2000 mA

Rx max audio

1500 mA

Rx stand-by 500 mA
(projections not included; W×H×D)

125×29×180 mm

Weight (approx.)

1011 g (with HM-212)



RF output power

5W / 1W (selectable)


Variable reactancne frequency modulation

Maximum permissible deviation

±2.5 kHz

Frequency error

±2.5 ppm

Spurious emissions Less than -30 dBm
Adjacent channel power Less than -16 dBm
Audio harmonic distortion 1% typical (60% deviation)



Sensitivity at 12dB SINAD

0.22 μV typ. (CB channels)

0.25 μV typ. (Other range)

Squelch sensitivitiy 0.2 μV typ. (Threshold)
Hum and noise 48 dB typ.
Intermodulation rejection ratio 80 dB typ
Adacent channel selectivity 68 dB typ.
Audio output power

5.0 W typ. at 10 % distortion with 4 Ω load

Supplied Accessories

  • Command Microphone, HM-212
  • DC Power Cable
  • Mounting bracket set
  • Microphone hanger and its cable
  • Extension cable for the Command Microphone


Instruction Manual / Guides

Name Model Name Note
Instruction manual IC-450