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Model name IC-7610
Version Version 1.30
Update 2021/04/23
Major changes

Changes from Version 1.20

  • [Spectrum scope is improved]
    • -A Scroll mode that can seamlessly change the displayed scope range, depending on the operating frequency, is added.
    • - A popup screen that displays when SPAN or EDGE is selected is added.
    • - The number of FIX EDGE memories is expanded to 4.
    • - The Reference level is independently memorized for each band.
    • - The Reference level of the Center mode scope screen while transmitting is fixed at set level independent of the user’s selection.
    • - The Scope function of the RS-BA1 is improved.
  • [Other changes]
    • -The transceiver’s settings are now retained after updating the firmware. (not when reverting to an older version)
    • -While operating in the Data mode, the Receive Tone Control is deactivated.
    • -The RS-BA1 Version 2 software will support the IC-7610's Scroll mode from its firmware Version 2.40.

Refer to INFORMATION IC-7610 Version 1.30 for details.


To update the firmware

  • To update from firmware version 1.05 or older to 1.11, the IC-7610 needs to have firmware version 1.06 installed.
  • Thoroughly read Section 6, SD CARD/USB FLASH DRIVE, in the BASIC MANUAL and the Section 13, UPDATING THE FIRMWARE, in the ADVANCED MANUAL, and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-7610 LCD screen.
  • BE SURE to make a backup copy of your data settings to an SD card/USB flash drive before updating the firmware.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    • Main CPU: 1.30
    • Sub CPU: 1.05
    • Front CPU:1.01
    • FPGA: 1.06
File Size 7.53MB
File Type zip
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