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Download Type Programming software
Model name CS-9700
Version Version 1.30
Update 2021/02/26
Major changes

Changes from Version 1.20

・Modified to the IC-9700 firmware version 1.30, includes the following points.
  Settings for spectrum scope improvement are added.
  Settings for the Preset function are added.
  Settings for the Front Key Customization function are added.
  Settings for the MIC Key Customization function are added.
  The "ddd.dddd°" format is added for Latitude/Longitude display.

・Some operation status of the transceiver are now stored in the setting file even though un-editable in the CS-9700.
  -When reading data from the IC-9700 that is set to other than the VFO mode, and writing data to the IC-9700 after editing the memory channel, repeater list, and so on by the CS-9700, the IC-9700 will restart in the VFO mode.
  -The operation status can be initialized in [MENU] > [Option] > [Reset Operating Settings].


-Before downloading, thoroughly read "CS-9700 Programming Software INSTRUCTIONS" for installation details and requirements.

-The CS-9700 Version 1.30 can read icf files saved with older version software.

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File Type zip
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