Your Perfect Traveling Companion!
Compact D-STAR Dual Bander
with the Waterfall Display

QSO Anytime, Anywhere, with Easy Functions and Smart Features

Global Communication Reach Using the D-STAR Network

The ID-50A is a compact VHF/UHF dual bander with both D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) and FM dual modes. Connecting to the D-STAR network, you can call a friend in another city, or other regions around the world with the ID-50A. Smart functions such as Band Scope and Picture Sharing function enhance your QSO experience. Enjoy worldwide communications through D-STAR network.

Easy D-STAR Settings for Beginners

The DR function makes communications using D-STAR repeaters easier and simple. Just selecting “FROM”(access repeater) and “TO” (destination), you can make QSO calls including Local Area call, Gateway call, and Simplex call. Combined with the GPS function, you can make selection of a local repeater available based on your location. In addition, the DR function supports reflector linking controls.

Share Picture Function* to Expand the Fun of QSOs

You can share pictures with each other in the DV mode. Photos on your Android™ devices can be edited and shared on the picture utility software, ST-ID50A. Utilizing windows PC through a microSD card or a USB cable is also available with the ST-ID50W. It is possible to check your pictures on the ID-50A display before sending it to others. Enjoy sharing pictures together with voice messages. 

* Share Picture function requires the optional picture utility software ST-ID50A (on Google Play™) or ST-ID50W (Download from Icom website) and user supplied USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable.

Build Your Own Internet Gateway

Even in the area with no D-STAR repeaters, build your own internet gateway (using Terminal mode and Access Point mode*) to access the D-STAR network virtually anywhere. Building an Access Point is easy, by connecting your ID-50A to a PC or an Android™ device connected to the internet, you will be able to make another D-STAR radio user to communicate through the D-STAR network over the air.

Terminal Mode

Access Point Mode

• The RS-MS3W optional software (Download from Icom website) and user supplied USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable are required for Access Point mode. The RS-MS3A optional application software (Download on Google Play™) and user supplied USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable are required for Terminal mode.

• Terminal and Access Point modes are compatible with the Icom RS-RP3 Gateway Software. If your D-STAR repeater is running G1 or G2 software, ask the repeater administrator to contact the local Icom Distributor to upgrade the software.
• You need an Internet connection with an IPv4 Global IP address. If you use a cellular system, you need an IPv4 Global IP address assigned to your Android™ device.

Smart Functions and Operations

Easily Find Active Channels by Sight

The Band Scope with Waterfall display helps you to see band conditions in more detail and find active channels or an open frequency. The Waterfall display shows presence or absence of signals and even the signal level. The Band Scope mode is usable in the Center mode, Fixed mode, and Fixed scroll mode. You can enjoy efficient and smart operations with it.

Enjoy D-STAR Text Message Communication

By installing RS-MS1A App on your Android™ device, you can easily send text messages using your device’s keyboard to enter text. Also the RS-MS1A can remotely control the transceiver operation and set various functions from your Android™ device.

Reliable To Use in Rainy or Humid Environments

The ID-50A features superior IPX7* waterproofing and pro-grade construction. You can enjoy outdoor activities with it, even in harsh environments.

*1 m depth of water for 30 minutes.

Double QSO Opportunities with Dualwatch

The Dualwatch function* enables monitoring VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF and UHF/UHF bands at the same time. You can quickly respond to a call from the Main and Sub bands. 
* DV/DV mode cannot be listened at the same time.

VHF Airband and FM Broadcast Receiver

FM broadcast and Airband can be listened to. You can enjoy receiving variety of channels.

Various Data Saving on a MicroSD Card

A microSD card (up to 32 GB) can store QSO Recording, TX Voice Memory, pictures, QSOs and GPS log data. Moreover, Firmware upgrades, Repeater lists, and other personal settings can be saved and uploaded into the ID-50A radio.

Find Nearby Repeaters at a New Location

With the built-in GPS, your location and current Grid Square information can be checked by other stations. You can check the distance to the other stations as well. Various GPS functions are usable with the GPS location data, such as Position Auto Reply, Near Repeater Search, and GPS log functions.

Charging with a USB Type-C™ Connector

The ID-50A has a USB Type-C™ port which is widely used in the industry. It is a multi-function USB port for charging as well as PC programming, read/write contents to the microSD card, Terminal/Access Point mode support, and CI-V control.
* Use a user-supplied USB cable for charging. USB PD is not supported.

Same Optional Accessories Can Be Shared with the ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 Series Transceivers

Some optional accessories for the ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 series transceivers can be used for ID-50A. Moreover, the large capacity battery pack, BP-307 from the IC-705 is compatible with ID-50A as well. If you own these models, you can take advantage of sharing accessories.
*Battery packs only from IC-705

User-friendly Menu Icons

Large icons are adopted for Menu display. It supports quick recognition and smooth operations.

High Visible LCD with Backlight Function

The ID-50A's large full dot LCD shows graphical information with easy-to-read characters and icons. Both main and sub frequencies can be displayed at the same time. In addition, the LCD backlight helps you to use in the dark place.

Easy-to-see Single Band Mode

Frequencies on the display are easy to see from a distance. Compared to ID-51A, ID-50A using big and bold characters. You can enjoy easy Single Band Mode with a simple operation and high visibility.

QSO Logs in CSV Data Format

Frequencies, modes, and GPS logs can be saved in the CSV data format. Various kinds of QSO information can be downloaded and easily managed.

750 mW Loud Audio Output Power

Built-in 750mW powerful audio output. The internal speaker provides louder and clearer audio.

Operating time

BP-272 (supplied) BP-307 (option)
8 hours 12.5 hours

*Approximate. Tx: Rx: standby = 1:1:8. Power save function ON. GPS OFF.

Other Features

  1. DV fast data mode uses data in place of voice frames 
  2. Voice Recorder function 
  3. External DC power jack 
  4. Weather channel receive (USA/CAN)

Compare to the ID-31/51/52 Series Transceivers

  ID-50 ID-52 ID-51
Discontinued product
Discontinued product
Picture Sharing function - -
Waterfall display - -
Bluetooth - - -
IP rating IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Airband receiver VHF UHF/VHF VHF -
microSD card slot
GPS receiver
USB port ✓ (Type-C) - -
LCD Monochrome Color Monochrome Monochrome
Audio 750 mW 750 mW 400 mW 400 mW
Operating time* (with BP-272) 8 hours 7.25 hours 7.5 hours 9 hours
Number of memory channels 500 1000 500 500
Dimensions (W×H×D)

58.0×111.0×27.9 mm,

2.3×4.4×1.2 in

61.1×121.6×29.7 mm,

2.4×4.8×1.2 in

58×105.4×26.4 mm,

2.28×4.15×1.04 in

58×95×25.4 mm,

2.3×3.7×1 in

Weight (approximate) 300 g, 10.6 oz 295 g, 11.6 oz 255 g, 8.99 oz 225 g, 4.94 oz

* Approximate. Tx: Rx: standby = 1:1:8. Power save function ON. GPS OFF.

Bluetooth® connection has not been tested for all Bluetooth® compatible devices with this product. This does not guarantee that all devices will work with this product.


(Unit: MHz)
Version Transmit Receiver Broadcast band
#15 USA
144~148, 430~450* (A) 108~174, 375~479*
(B) 137~174, 375~479*


(A) means A band, (B) means B band. Guaranteed Range: * 144~148, 440~450 MHz
Type of emission F2D, F3E, F7W
Mode DV, FM, FM-N, WFM, AM, AM-N
Number of memory channels 500 memory channels, 4 call channels, 25 scan edges,
100 skip channels, 500 broadcast stations, 2500 repeater lists, 300 call signs, and 300 GPS memories
Frequency resolution 5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 125 and 200 kHz
Operating temperature range –20℃ ~ +60℃, –4°F ~ +140°F
Frequency stability ±2.5 ppm (–20℃ ~ +60℃ on the basis of 25℃)
Antenna impedance 50 Ω (SMA)
Power supply
Battery pack 7.4 V DC (with BP-271/BP-272)
Alkaline cells 5.5 V DC (with BP-273)
External DC 10~16 V DC
Current drain
(at 7.4 V DC)
Tx High Less than 2.5 A
Rx AF Max. Less than 400 mA (FM, FM-N) (8 Ω),
Less than 450 mA (DV) (8 Ω)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(projections not included)

58.0 × 111.0 × 27.9 mm, 2.3 × 4.4 × 1.2 in (main unit)

58.0 × 111.0 × 33.0 mm, 2.3 × 4.4 × 1.3 in (with BP-272)

Weight (approx.) 300 g, 10.6 oz (with BP-272 & antenna)


Modulation system DV GMSK reactance modulation
FM, FM-N FM reactance modulation
Output power 5 W, 2.5 W, 1.0 W, 0.5 W, 0.1 W
(High, Mid, Low2, Low1, S-low)
Spurious emissions Less than –60 dBc (High, Mid),
Less than –13 dBm (Low2, Low1, S-low)
Max. frequency deviation Less than ±5.0/2.5 kHz (FM/FM-N)
Ext. Mic impedance 2.2 kΩ


Sensitivity DV Less than 0.2 μV (at 1% BER)
FM, FM-N Less than 0.18 μV (at 12 dB SINAD)
Selectivity More than 50 dB (DV, FM-N), More than 55 dB (FM)
Spurious rejection More than 60 dB
Audio output power Internal SP More than 750 mW (8 Ω load)
External SP More than 200 mW (8 Ω load)
Receiver sensitivity (Except amateur bands)
Frequency range
(Unit: MHz)
(12 dB SINAD)
(10 dB S/N)
BC band 88.000~108.000 Less than 1 μV (WFM) -
A band 108.000~136.991 - Less than 1 μV
137.000~142.000 Less than 0.18 μV Less than 1 μV
142.005~148.000 Less than 0.18 μV -
148.005~174.000 Less than 0.32 μV -
375.000~399.995 Less than 0.5 μV -
400.000~479.000 Less than 0.32 μV -
B band 137.000~142.000 Less than 0.18 μV -
142.005~148.000 Less than 0.18 μV -
148.005~174.000 Less than 0.32 μV -
375.000~399.995 Less than 0.5 μV -
400.000~479.000 Less than 0.32 μV -

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories

  • Battery pack, BP-272
  • USB Type-C™ cable, OPC-2480
  • Antenna, FA-S270C
  • Belt clip, MB-127
  • Hand strap

* Supplied accessories may differ depending on the transceiver version.

Catalogs / Brochures

Brochures Name Size
HAM Radios and Receivers 6.65MB
ID-50A 2.90MB

Instruction Manual / Guides

Name Model Name Note
BASIC MANUAL (English) ID-50A/ID-50E
D-STAR Application Guide ID-52A/ID-52E/IC-705/IC-905/IC-9700/IC-7100/ID-4100E/ID-4100A/ID-5100E/ID-5100A/ID-51E/ID-51A/ID-31E/ID-31A/ID-31E PLUS/ID-31A PLUS/RS-MS1A/RS-MS1I/RS-MS3A/ST-4001A/ST-4001I/ID-50A/ID-50E
D-STAR Using the GPS Logger function ID-52A/ID-52E/IC-705/ID-51A/ID-51E/ID-31A/ID-31E/ID-31A PLUS/ID-31E PLUS/ID-50A/ID-50E
About the DV Gateway function ID-52A/ID-52E/ID-51A (PLUS2)/ID-51E (PLUS2)/ID-31A PLUS/ID-31E PLUS/ID-50A/ID-50E
D-STAR Updating the repeater list ID-52E/ID-52A/IC-705/IC-905/IC-9700/IC-7100/ID-4100E/ID-4100A/ID-5100E/ID-5100A/ID-51E/ID-51A/ID-31E/ID-31A/ID-31E PLUS/ID-31A PLUS/ID-50A/ID-50E
Installation Guide for Windows 11/10 USB Driver IC-705/IC-905/ID-52A/ID-52E/ID-50A/ID-50E/RS-BA1 Version 2

Firmware / Software

Type Model Name Version Last Update
Programming software CS-50 Version 1.02 2024.01.26
USB Driver IC-705/IC-905/ID-52A/ID-52E/ID-50A/ID-50E Version 1.30 2023.07.28
Firmware ID-50A, ID-50E Version 1.03 2023.08.04
Application Software ST-ID50W Version 1.00 2023.08.18