・10 GHz band operation using 2400 MHz IF band

・High frequency stability using 10 MHz reference signal

・2400 MHz band bypass operation



Frequency range TX/RX (Guaranteed range) 10.000 ~ 10.500 GHz
Operating temperature range -10 ~ 55 ℃,  14 ˚F ~ 131 ˚F
Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Frequency stability Less than ±65 ppb (with IC-905)
Power supply requirement 12 V DC ±15%
(Power supplied from the IC-905 RF unit)
Power consumption  TX (at 10 GHz) Less than 15 W 
RX (at 10 GHz) Less than 4.8 W
  IF through operation Less than 4.8 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Projections are not included.) 181 x 115 x 64 mm, 7.1 x 4.5 x 2.5 inch
Weight (Approximate)    1338 g, 2.9 lb. (Accessories and brackets are not included)

2487 g, 5.5 lb. (Accessories and brackets are included)


Transmission Loss*2 Less than 2.0 dB (at 2400 MHz bypass operation)
IF input frequency*3 2.4 ~2.45 GHz
Conversion gain*3 7 dB (typical)
IF input power*3 Bypass 2.0 W typical (The RF output power is set to 100%)
Transmit 0.1 W (typical)
10 GHz output power*3 SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, DV, DD, ATV 0.5 W (typical)
AM 0.125 W (typical)
Spurious emissions*2 Less than 100 μW 


IF output frequency *3     2.4 ~2.45 GHz
Conversion gain*3     6 dB typical
Sensitivity*3*4 SSB, CW (at 10 dB S/N)     Less than -17 dBμV
AM (at 10 dB S/N)  Less than 1 dBμV
FM (at 12 dB SINAD) Less than -13 dBμV

*2 When connected to the IC-905        
*3 When connected to the IC-905 (10 GHz band operation) 
*4 When the cable loss between the IC-905 and CX-10G is less than 1 dB.      

Applicable IP Rating

Ingress Protection Standard
CX-10G IP55 (Dust-protection and water jet resistance)


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Optional Accessories


  1. Software

    The CX-10G firmware was updated.

  2. Software

    The CX-10G firmware was released.

Firmware / Software

Type Model Name Version Last Update
Firmware CX-10G Version 1.02 2023.11.30