Icom Incorporated will celebrate our 60th Anniversary this year. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all that have supported Icom over these 60 years.

We started our business in amateur radio and gradually expanded our portfolio to include commercial, marine, aviation, receiver radio equipment, wireless LAN equipment, as well as IP radio and satellite radio. Today, we are proud to be one of the few comprehensive radio manufacturers in the world that produce radio communication equipment in major fields under the same brand.

Icom considers this 60th Anniversary to be a passing point leading to our next goal of becoming a 100-year company. We will continue our efforts to strive toward the 100th Anniversary of Icom, and to provide a variety of wireless solutions and contribute to the realization of a safe and prosperous society.

Thank you very much for your continued support now and in the future.

April 2024
Hiroshi Nakaoka
President and CEO
Icom Inc.


The three arches above the zero represent Icom's core business of “wireless communications.” The connected design of the number “six” and “zero” forms the symbol of ∞ (infinity), symbolizing unlimited potential and possibilities for our future.

Two corporate colors (Icom red and black) are used for the logo. The simple design resembles the “mizuhiki” shape, which is a traditional Japanese art form of knot-tying commonly used in celebratory occasions.

This logo was designed and selected from among employees.


60周年_01_FDAM-1 60周年_01_FDAM-1
60周年_02_IC-200 60周年_02_IC-200
60周年_03_IC-M25 60周年_03_IC-M25
60周年_04_IC-2N 60周年_04_IC-2N
60周年_05_IC-781 60周年_05_IC-781
60周年_06_IC-F3S 60周年_06_IC-F3S
60周年_07_UX-136 60周年_07_UX-136
60周年_08_ID-1 60周年_08_ID-1
60周年_09_IC-M33 60周年_09_IC-M33
60周年_10_IC-DU55 60周年_10_IC-DU55
60周年_11_IDAS 60周年_11_IDAS
60周年_12_IP100H 60周年_12_IP100H
60周年_13_IP500H 60周年_13_IP500H
60周年_14_IC-SAT100 60周年_14_IC-SAT100
60周年_15_IC-905 60周年_15_IC-905