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Osaka Metro Has Introduced the Icom LTE Transceiver in All 133 Stations

URL http://www.osakametro.co.jp
Established April, 2018
Total route length 137.8 km*
Number of stations 133 stations*
Number of cars 1354 cars*
Number of passengers Average 2.52 million passengers per day*
Overview Osaka Metro is a Japanese railway company that owns the rapid transit in the city of Osaka and adjacent municipalities.



Information Sharing Problem
Because the previous radios provided only one-way communication, staff members had to wait for another conversation to be finished. They had trouble having timely communications.

Dead Zones
Due to the complicated structure of the underground space, there were problems communicating between the upper and lower floors, though the actual communication distance was very short.

Nuisance Radio License Procedures
A radio license application was required for the previous radios. The license fee payment procedures for each radio were a great burden.

Timely Information Sharing!
The IP501H provides communications like a telephone call, thus important information can be shared in a timely manner with a break-in call. As a result, communication mistakes, and human errors, can be prevented.

Dead Zones Removed!
Since the IP501H uses a cellular network, communication between staff members above ground, and staff members in the underground stations, can be achieved.

No Radio License Required!
The IP501H does not require a radio license, so all of the nuisance procedures are eliminated.

With the previous radio...
The radio signals did not sufficiently reach underground. Also, the radio license procedures were troublesome.

With a professional cellular phone...
Information could not simultaneously be shared, because a cellular phone only can provide one-to-one communication. Selecting a destination telephone number from an address book, or an incoming call history was a nuisance.

With the IP501H...
With just one push of the transmit button, the staff members can readily communicate. Information can be shared with two or more staff members at several stations. The communication audio is very clear.

Favorable reviews from on-site teams...

Railway Business Division, Station Office

"Ensuring Passengers' Safety" Is One of Our Most Important Missions.

Rapid information sharing among staff members is always our challenge to provide safe and reliable service to all passengers.

We can now smoothly communicate with just a push of an IP501H’s transmit button, and we can timely share important information. At first, the IP501H was introduced as a communication tool for safety monitoring work. In addition, due to its excellent uninterrupted communication capability, we are now positively using the radio in other situations, including assisting our passengers.

Station Office Staff at Namba Station

Simultaneous Calls and Break-in Calls Are Necessary to Guide and Help Our Passengers.

Our slogan is “Providing Rapid, Safe, and Polite Service.” When assisting our passengers, the IP501H provides full-duplex communication, and it is as easy to use as a telephone. I can break into an on-going call without waiting. With the IP501H, we are now able to provide even quicker and better service.

In the past, there were some dead zones where we had to communicate out loud to make a long-distance voice relay so our passengers would not miss the last train. The IP501H’s simultaneous calls are a big help to assure our passengers safety.

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