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Japan Airlines Chooses Icom LTE Radio their communication in Narita International Airport

URL https://www.jal.co.jp
Established August 1st, 1951
Employees 12,127 people*
Consolidated Employees 33,038 people*
Overview Japan Airlines is a Japanese prominent public transportation company that provides air transport services and Aerial Work Services.

*As of March, 2018


Dead Zones
Previously used radio communication system had a limit since the base stations did not cover some remote areas.

High Cost
Not only the running cost was high, but also the maintenance fee of the base stations that was owned by the airport was a burden.

Bulky Device
Previous devices were rather heavy and they were not suitable to carry.

Dead Zones Removed!
In all areas, ‘Loud & Clear’ voice communication has been achieved and exchanging information is now very smooth.

Cost Lowered!
In addition to the reduction of the running cost, the IP501H can be a substitute of the previous internal phone system. That drastically lowered the communication costs.

Small-sized Device!
The IP501H weighs only 240 g (8.5 oz). The compact and lightweight radio is easy to carry, which enables operatorʼs quick motion.

For other IP phones…
There was a long voice delay and the communication was uneasy. Besides, they were difficult to operate and seemed inconvenient in an emergency situation.

For smart phone applications…
Two types of communication were required—the one-to-one private communication and the one-to-many group communication. While using a smart phone application, there was an omission of information to be shared at once.

For the IP501H…
The voice delay is shortened and the operation is easy to understand. In addition, the IP501H can be operated at multiple carriers*, which lowers the risks of communication disruption in an emergency situation.

Favorable reviews from on-site teams...

General Affairs

The communication in the airport has the same values as lifeline. We sought high reliability.

For us, a communication system is our lifeline. Some conversations could be of the upmost importance and need to be shared at that precise moment. We didnʼt have any particular complaints against the previous communication system thus the introduction of a new system might be a risk. Therefore, we set up a considerably high evaluation level for the speech quality and the reliability. We finally concluded that the Icom IP501H was a good fit for us due to its ease of operation and minimum voice delay. In addition, the ability to operate on multiple carriers* added another level of security.

Passenger  Service

Dead zones were eliminated and our communication became smooth. The wide coverage realized a firm cooperation.

We communicate with one another when passengers are late to the boarding gate or when flights are delayed. When we used the former radio system, our voice communication was occasionally cut off. For the IP501H, however, dead zones were eliminated and we can smoothly exchange information. Besides, we can use the IP501H outside of the airport as long as the place is within the carrier coverage. Therefore, even if there is an urgent case and I have to accompany the person, I can communicate with the IP501H with all other members from anywhere. We think it is very convenient.

Ground Service

Breaking into an on-going call can timely share the important information.

The Baggage Handling crews are required to adapt to changing situations. When we used the former radio system, even if we had information that should be shared at the precise moment, we had to wait for the conversation to be finished. The communication was not efficient. After we changed to the IP501H, we can break into an on-going call by pushing a transmit button. We can now prioritize information before others and as a result, the timely communication is achieved.

Maintenance Service

The IP501H is easy to operate because of its familiar user interface.

At first, I concerned about the IP501H, wondering that its user interface would be very different from the previous transceiver. To control our work site, the communication tool must be simple and easily handled. If the communication is not smooth, we can cause flight delays. In spite of my concern, the IP501H resembles to the previous transceiver in a good way. We were able to get use to it and take advantage of the wide area coverage and break-in call right away.

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