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Model name IC-705
Version Version 1.20
Update 2021/01/22
Major changes

Changes from Version 1.12


[Spectrum scope is improved]

-A Scroll mode that can seamlessly change the displaying scope range, depending on the operating frequency, is added.

- A popup screen that displays when SPAN or EDGE change is added.

- The number of FIX EDGE memories is expanded to 4.


[Preset function is added for FT8 operation]

-A Preset function that can set each operation is added.

 NOTE: The default settings for the Preset function are for FT8 operation. If your digital software does not support the IC-705, change to an Icom transceiver’s CI-V address that the software supports.

For example, when selecting the IC-9700 in the software, set the CI-V address in the IC-705 to A2, which is the IC-9700’s CI-V address.


[The AH-705 automatic antenna tuner can be used]

-An antenna tuner selecting item is added in the Set mode.

- A Tune Memory setting and a Tune Memory Clear functions are added.

-When [TUNER] on the FUNCTION screen is touched, tuning starts.


[Other changes]

-A WLAN Access Point mode is added.


-A Front Key Customization function that can change the function of [VOX/BK-IN] and [AUTOTUNE/RX>CS] is added.


-[TUNER] is added to the Remote MIC key function.

- You can set 2 voice memories (T1 and T2) and 2 keyer memories (M1 and M2) in IC-705 firmware Version 1.12.

In firmware Version 1.2, the number of Voice memories, Keyer memories, and RTTY memories is increased to 4 in each mode.

Each bank of memories is automatically selected, according to the operating mode. For example, when operating in the SSB mode, the Voice memory bank is automatically selected.


- The "ddd.dddd˚" format is added for the Latitude/Longitude display.

- While operating in the Data mode, the receive tone control is deactivated.

-A menu item that can return to the normal mode is added to the QUICK MENU of Terminal Mode and Access Point Mode.

- Improves the saving of the Battery Pack Confirmation setting.

NOTE: When the firmware is updated, the battery pack selection returns to the default setting (OFF).


Refer to INFORMATION IC-705 Version 1.20 for details.


The compatible programming software for firmware update Version 1.20 can be downloaded here.

The Scroll mode for the RS-BA1 Version 2 software will be added to Version 2.30.


To update the firmware

-Thoroughly read 17. UPDATING THE FIRMWARE of the ADVANCED MANUAL and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-705 LCD screen.

- This update initializes the transceiver's settings when updating from a firmware earlier than version 1.20. Save your current settings before the update, and then write them back to keep the previous setting on the updated firmware.


-The firmware will be updated to the following versions.

Main CPU: 1.20

Sub CPU: 1.01

DSP Program: 1.10

DSP Data: 1.00

FPGA: 1.01

DV DSP: 1.02

GPS: 13196

Bluetooth: 1.12


File Size 8.16MB
File Type zip
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