Icom and JRC, Two Major Japanese Wireless Companies Are Collaborating to Expand their International Sales of Private Radio Systems Utilizing Private LTE/5G.
Targeting Public Safety: Police, Fire & EMS Departments

Icom Incorporated (hereafter referred to as Icom) and Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as JRC) are collaborating to provide a Private LTE Radio System. The system solution will leverage Icom's expertise in two-way radio terminals and utilize JRC's strength in private LTE system infrastructure. It will provide a secure private communication solution and will be sold through Icom's subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Australia.

The two major Japanese wireless companies have collaborated to promote their business in the private LTE market. This marks the first* time in the industry that such collaboration has occurred. Both the public safety sector (including police, fire, and EMS departments) and the industrial sector (such as mining, electric power, and railroads) are transitioning to dedicated LTE and 5G network to establish high-speed and secure systems. Furthermore, with its advanced performance, 5G is expected to be used for new applications and services in a wide range of sectors, including automobiles, healthcare, and smart cities.

 Researched by Icom and JRC as of March 2024.

Recently, digital transformation such as AI, VR, and IoT has increased the demand for LTE/5G high-speed wireless communications. To meet this demand, JRC's base station and network technologies are combined with Icom's strengths in wireless equipment and application technologies to provide total solutions that meet diverse needs and solve various problems in public safety and industry.

Through this collaboration, Icom and JRC aim to enhance their technologies while offering a unique and reliable private wireless network capable of flexibly meeting diverse customer needs.

The system solution will be demonstrated at the booths of both Icom America and JRC during the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), taking place from March 25th to 28th, 2024, in Florida, USA.

About the Private LTE Network System

Private LTE is a dedicated wireless network system that operates independently of the public carrier network. It utilizes the high-quality LTE wireless communication standard commonly found in mobile cellular networks, ensuring safe and reliable communication. The system can be deployed for public safety, industrial sites, and remote, mountainous environments where the public carrier network may not provide coverage.

About LTE Transceivers

LTE transceivers can be utilized across both carrier and private LTE networks, allowing coverage over a wide area. They combine the features of conventional two-way radio communication, enabling simple operation and simultaneous contact with multiple users. This technology is gaining popularity both in Japan and international markets.

Details of the Private LTE Radio System

The system enables Icom's LTE radio terminals (IP503H Lite) to function within a private LTE network system by utilizing JRC's JRL-174 Tactical LTE Box.
Icom has been offering LTE radio terminals via LTE carriers (public network) since 2018. With the integration of JRC’s private LTE system, Icom can provide a comprehensive Private LTE radio system solution. 

Roles of Each Company

・Supply private LTE radio terminals (IP503H Lite, IP transceivers)
・International sales activities through Icom's subsidiaries and distributors

・Supply of private LTE system infrastructure

International Sales Channel

Icom will also distribute the Private LTE Radio solution through its international sales network including the United States, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, and Vietnam.

Corporate Comments

Mr. Katsuhiko Sato, General Manager of the 5G Project Business Operations, at JRC, stated, "Our private LTE portable base stations have received positive feedback from our customers in the safety and security sector worldwide. By combining with Icom’s private LTE radio terminals, we aim to provide enhanced value products and services to meet our customers' needs. It will give us a competitive advantage in the market. We are committed to expanding our business opportunities and exploring new markets, not only in the global private LTE, but also in the local 5G segment."

Mr. Shinya Terasaki, General Manager of the International Sales Department at Icom, expressed "Our collaboration with JRC in the Private Radio sector will further expand our business prospects. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of two-way radio usability and robustness acquired over many years, we have incorporated these elements into the development of this system. While two-way radio may be perceived as a legacy communication tool, the superiority of transceivers, capable of instantaneously contacting multiple users with the push of a button, will undoubtedly be showcased in markets that demand private LTE. Additionally, we also offer 5G-related products, so we are in discussions with JRC regarding future collaboration in this segment."

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