Compact, Lightweight Wireless LAN Radio with Simultaneous TalkListen Function, IP110H

Icom Inc. (Headquarters: Hirano-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroshi Nakaoka) will release the Wireless LAN transceiver IP110H, which works on wireless LAN networks, from the middle of December for the Japanese market, and this model will be released later for the rest of world. The IP110H does not require a license or application and anyone can use it instantly.

The IP110H communicates through a wireless LAN access point on a IP network*1. By deploying wireless LAN access points within the IP network, a user can easily expand the communication range of the transceiver. It is ideal for communication in places such as in large or multi-stored buildings, and high rise buildings from the basement to the top floor. It is also possible to communicate with a dispersed site using an Internet VPN, and to link with conventional radios and IP phones using the RoIP gateway VE-PG4 (sold separately). 

The IP110H provides the Simultaneous TalkListen function that allows full duplex communication like a telephone conversation and one-to-many communication. Bluetooth® capability enables wireless communication between a headset and the transceiver for higher mobility and stylish operation. The “Recording/playback" function for instant review of communications if needed. And the "Lone Worker", and "Man down” functions are useful for communicating in emergency situations.  

In addition, its IP67 / IP54 dustproof and waterproof construction can be used outdoors or around water, and the compact size (57 (W) × 96.9 (H) × 25.1(D) mm) with a built-in antenna fits neatly in your pocket. It is also very lightweight at 146 g. Moreover, it can be used for more than 20 hours on a full charge*2.

The IP110H enables comfortable communication in all business situations such as tunnel construction, mining, factories, warehouses, shopping centers and malls, hotel and restaurant management.

Main features

  • Compact body with built-in antenna and battery
  • Simultaneous TalkListen function just like a telephone call
  • Wireless operation is possible with the optional Bluetooth® headset, VS-3
  • Recording / playback, Lone Worker, and Man Down functions 
  • IP67/IP54 dustproof and waterproof construction that can be used safely around water
  • WPA2, WPA Enterprise security

More Information

* 1 Wireless LAN radio controller required. 
* 2 TX 1: RX 1: Stand-by 8 duty ratio.