Icom Satellite PTT Radio Solution Wins Major Comms Industry Award

Icom has won the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) 2019 Gerald David Award for Innovation in Business Radio for its IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio Solution. The award was presented at the Business Radio Gala Dinner which took place at the Chateau Impney hotel near Droitwich following the organization’s annual conference. The Gerald David Award for Innovation in Business Radio came into being in 2004 and recognizes innovation within the business radio industry.

The Icom IC-SAT100 is the world’s first dedicated satellite push-to-talk (PTT) radio and is the only PTT radio offering real-time communications at the push of a button between groups of individuals, each of whom can be anywhere on the planet*. The IC-SAT100 uses the Iridium® satellite communication network which covers the whole earth including both poles. Using 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites it provides broader more reliable network coverage compared to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellites.

The IC-SAT100 can be used as a communication tool in remote and isolated areas where there is no mobile phone or landline network infrastructure thus ensuring business continuity and security for customers around the world.

Speaking of winning the Gerald David Award, Bob Stockley, Icom UK's Managing Director said, ‘I'm very proud to have received this award and the recognition it represents to both Icom and Iridium® and also that the FCS team saw the innovation behind the IC-SAT100 when choosing their winner.’

The FCS's Head of Business Radio, Tim Cull said, 'Using satellite to expand coverage is a great approach to a difficult problem. Of course, Iridium® is a resilient system and so this approach preserves the Mission-Criticality that business radio customers need.'

Tim added,' The entries for the 2019 Gerald David contest were extremely strong. Icom UK is a worthy winner.'

For further details about this new product, visit the IC-SAT100 product page on the Icom website.




*    Depending on the country or region, carrying and/or use of the IC-SAT100 may be prohibited.
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